The Best Marvel Movies

We had to rank every Marvel movie ever made in order to make this ultimate top 3 for you. And it shows no sign to slow down, as there is a certain success in all the projects due to the quality of the movies. Before we start talking about all the wonders of the past, […]

Greatest British Novels

In order to give an outsider perspective on the best in British literature, we need to establish what the rest of the world sees. The British novel has influenced the world, so we’ve decided that we were going to give out an ultimate list of the greatest British novels. Throughout history, UK artists such as […]

Top 3 UK Short Stories

The best short stories are constantly underrated because they’re less lucrative than novels and have the tendency to fall into a literary no-man’s land. There is a bunch of ridiculously good British stories, absolute gems, out there. When the Door Closed It Was Dark, by Alison Moore The plot starts off with a young woman […]

Best Writing Tips for Beginners

We will give you some writing advice that will certainly boost your confidence in your own work as a novice, as most beginners lack the experience and know nothing about the publishing process. All the writing tips you may wish to know as an ambitious beginner will help in order not to get crushed at […]